Leathery fragrances are characterized by their richness, warmth and captivation, and are frequently associated with elegance and sophistication.... Leathery notes play a central role, reminiscent of suede or saddlery leather, and are nuanced by tobacco accents that bring smoky, earthy, slightly sweet nuances, as well as woody and spicy notes.

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CITRUSY LEATHER Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml A leathery fragrance stripped of all animal notes, Crème de Cuir is like a white suede cloth delicately placed on the skin. It is inspired by the beige and white monochromes...
WOODY LEATHERY EAU DE PARFUM VAPO 100 ML Discover Malt, a delicate liqueur that offers an intoxicating experience. Feel the warmth spread through your body with every sip. Malt is the perfect synthesis of delicate...
WOODY LEATHERY Eau de parfum 50 ml The quintessence of multidimensional austerity. The semi-sweet and earthy notes of the carrot symbolizing the wildness contrast with the astonishing aura of citrus acidulous fresh...
LEATHERY EAU DE PARFUM 100 ML "I used saffron for the noble and suede-like texture. Vetiver and cypriol for the woody and leathery facets. These are precious as well as spiritual materials for me with their intriguing...
WOODY LEATHERY EAU DE PARFUM 100 ML The strong evocatrive smell of wood smoke is at the heart of Arso, a fragrance from the Italian house of Profumum Roma. Arso means "burnt" and the smoke is masterfully worked with...



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