Woody fragrances first appeared in perfumery in the late 1940s. Since then, the success of wood has never waned, becoming more than ever the backbone of perfume, giving it a strong, powerful character. 

Woody fragrances are characterized as elegant, warm, sensual and very popular in perfumery. They are often associated with masculine traits such as power, structure and dryness. However, for some time now, wood has also been inviting itself into women's fragrances, giving them a more assertive character. The different types of wood used are cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, cypriol, cypress, birch, pine or balsam fir.

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AMBER WOODY Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml Woody, spicy and powdery, Gris Charnel is inspired by Parisian urban sensuality expressed through sandalwood and vetiver. It's the scent of bodies entwined in white sheets until...
WOODY AMBER SPICY Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml Floral, warm and spicy, Nuit de Sable is inspired by a springtime encounter in the gardens of the Palais-Royal. The composition of this fragrance blends sandy gravel with...
WOODY AMBER SPICY Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml Oud Abramad is a bridge between East and West, inspired by the warm marble of oriental palaces. Composed of natural Indonesian oud, rose gives structure to the formula,...
AMBER WOODY Eau de parfum vapo 100 ml Velvet Tonka is built around a trilogy of tonka bean, almond and orange blossom on an amber base. The woody velvet accord, built around amyris wood, expresses itself through a...
WOODY CITRUS Eau de parfum 100 ml Citrus Riviera pays tribute to the landscape of Cap d'Antibes, in the south of France. The memory takes place in a white house nestled in greenery. Citrus notes of tangerine and lemon...
AMBER FLORAL WOODY Eau de parfum 100 ml Villa Néroli is inspired by the beauty of the Italian island of Capri. The light of the setting sun is lost on the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea. On the heights of the...
FLORAL AMBER WOODY Eau de parfum 100 ml Vanille Leather honors vanilla, a precious spice from Madagascar, in a creation of voluptuous, textured tones. Majestic, it invites you on an olfactory journey between warmth...



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